DE12 ECG Machine


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DE12 12 Channel ECG

Technical Specifications:

  • 12 lead ECG synchronous sampling system
  • 10.2 inch LCD touch screen display can simultaneously display the full 12-channel ECG
  • Full keyboard input for hospital information, patient ID, name, gender, age, height, weight,
    blood pressure and additional information
  • Equipped with high-speed and high-sensitivity hot spot recording system, with print trace depth adjustment
    function, compatible with 210mm, 215mm and 216mm wide recording paper
  • It has a real-time ECG waveform freezing function, which is convenient for grasping the important ECG
    waveform of the patient in a particular time point
  • Precise ECG auto-diagnosis function, built-in common arrhythmia cases for users’ reference
  • Accurate ECG automatic diagnosis function, with heart rate over-limit alarm function, and freely set whether to
    print measurement analysis report
  • The ECG machine can directly output the ECG report in JPG format, which is convenient for uploading
    network or hospital information system
  • Large-capacity storage (500 cases), can directly insert U disk / SD card to expand storage space, real-time
    storage, playback and printing of historical data, in addition, you can directly export ECG data on the computer
    through U disk / SD card And analyze, diagnose, store and print ECG data, easy to create patient files and save
    printing supplies
  • Single channel / 3 channel / (3 + R) channel / (3 + II + V5) channel / double column 6 channel / single column
    6 channel / double column 12 channel / single column 12 channel eight ECG display combination mode;
    3-channel / (3 + R) channel / (3 + II + V5) channel / 6 channel / (6 + R) channel / 12 channel six ECG
    recording combination mode;
  • Manual, auto, rhythm, physical examination, modes of operation
  • With RS232 communication interface, USB interface and LAN network interface
  • Built-in large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, can work continuously for 24 hours, print 1000 ECG
  • With screen protection and no need to automatically shut down for a long time
  • It has a lead-off detection function and has a paper-out detection prompt function
  • Beautiful design, portable hidden handle design, easy to carry
  • Adapt to 110-230V, 50/60Hz AC power supply

Inventory list:

  • ECG main unit 1 set
  • ECG lead wire 1 pcs
  • Limb electrode 4 pcs
  • Chest electrode 6 pcs
  • Standard ground wire 1 pcs
  • Recording paper 1 pcs
  • Power cable 1 pcs
  • Fuse 2 pcs
  • User Manual 1 pcs
  • Certificate 1 pcs

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Weight 6 kg


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