Five of the Best Littmann Stethoscopes Review

Five of the Best Littmann Stethoscopes

In the medical world, one of the most required and widely used apparatus is a high-quality stethoscope. Its significance cannot be overstated, especially because it is that quintessentially must-have equipment amongst medical doctors, registered nurses and medical students. However, even when there’s a huge list of these pieces of apparatus sold today, none simply matches the amount of ingenuity and patented technology incorporated in the making of Littmann Stethoscopes.

Patented in the 1960s, by David Littmann of the Harvard Med School, these medical tools have not only evolved in their structure and functionality, but also revolutionized the medical world forever. And while the current ones are still based on the original prototype, it is the quality and acoustic performance that has indeed changed.

Again, Littmann stethoscopes have expanded beyond the two basic models into a dozen and even more. As at today, it is quite hard to speak about a top-quality medical accessory without including Littmann. If you would love to order one, please feel free to visit DJ Medquip.

In line with that, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to exhibit which Littmann is the best for you.

Master Cardiology

Staying true to its “Master” name, Master Cardiology is an awesome non-electric scope available today. Everything from its remarkably forged construction, unmatched strength and durability and acoustic performance is phenomenal. It additionally functions as an excellent tool for pediatric and neonatal auscultation, and thus a must-have amongst obstetricians and pediatricians.

Master Cardiology commands a huge list of loyalists who delight and revere in its performance and quality. You’ll find burgeoning medics, pretty much like the seasoned pediatricians always hanging one on their shoulders. It is not a big guess why its acoustic rating is 10/10.

Electronic 3100

Littmann has been actively engaging in the design and release of the futuristic stethoscope, and so far, no other brand has managed to awe the scopes world than Electronic 3100. Its fame is down to its “up to 24 times the amplification” of conventional models. Besides, its noise cancellation attributes extend to 85%, which is by far the best just yet.

It is that ideal instrument when you work in a noisy environment. With a push of a button, one can easily switch from high to low frequencies and thus diagnose and analyze a patient in a cool, ambient environment. Given that it’s currently the most sensitive of all, Electronic 3100 get a 10/10 acoustic rating!

Cardiology III

As a cardiology-grade scope with a dual chest-piece, Cardiology III suitably comes in handy in solving common pediatric needs. Each side can be tuned with ease and thus offer high and low-frequency choices. The most prominent feature of this type of Littmann stethoscope is its versatility, buoyed by being an easily affordable medical tool. But aside from its impressive range of colors and personalized laser engravings, its acoustics rating of 9/10 means it’s also a great darling in the modern medical world.

Classic II SE

Now, here’s another excellent Littmann stethoscope that promises reliably high performance, especially in physical assessments and regular diagnostics. Its strengths lie on its excellent acoustic sensitivity, tunable diaphragm, and anatomical headset as well as its latex-free construction. Alternating between high and low frequencies is a breeze, thanks to the patented 3M Littmann tuneable diaphragm. And though it is still Littmann stethoscope’s all time best-seller, Classic II SE is durable and with a 7/10 acoustics rating, it never disappoints.

Littman Select

It is a basic stethoscope, perhaps the mother of them all. But even when it’s devoid of the current glitzy and glamor features, Littman Select has the versatility of being a high and low-frequency scope. However, its greatest selling point is its dependability and comfort when all the others fail. Its principal purpose is centered on diagnosing blood pressure and a patient’s physical assessment. If you are a nursing assistant who just needs a “back-up,” do have it.