THX 100 Lead 3D ECG Part number 04000

The THX 100 Lead 3d ECG Part number 04000 is an item usually inquired about.

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The THX 100 Lead 3d ECG Part number 04000 is unfortunately not available, nor could we locate any such item in the international database or source a supplier of such item internationally.  We do not tender for the government, nor do we intend to ever do so, so consider sending us the tender documents so that we can assist you in this matter in finding the THX 100 Lead 3D ECG at one of our International suppliers.  We will kindly assist as DJ Medquip has relationships with medical supplies factories in China, USA and Europe and we have companies manufacturing our own branded products.

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ECG 1200G – 12 Channel & Interpretation


  • ECG1200G 12-channel ECG, gathers 12-lead ECG signals simultaneously and prints out the ECG waveforms with thermal printing system
  • Uses are mainly in Hospitals, Clinics (medical establishments)
  • 800 x 600 dots high resolution colour LCD
  • Convenient and quick button setup
  • Automatic/manual mode to record and display ECG waveform
  • Auto-measure of ECG waveform parameter
  • Multiple switchable interface language

Technical Details:

Input Circuit Floating; protection against defibrillator effect.
Lead Standard 12 leads
Display 8” TFT Display, 800 x 600 pixels, LED backlight
Patient Current Leakage 10µA
Frequency response 0.05Hz – 150Hz (-3dB)
Input Impedance 50M?
Time Constant >3.2seconds
CMRR >60dB, ≥100dB (Adding Filter)
EMG Interference filter 35Hz (-3dB)
Recording Thermal Printing System
Specification of recording paper 210mm x 30m roll paper, high speed paper
Paper speed Auto record: 25mm/s, 50mm/s, error ± 5%
Rhythm record: 25mm/s, 50mm/s, error ± 5%
Manual record: 5mm/s, 6.25mm/s, 10mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s, error ± 5%
Sensitivity selections 5,10,20,40mm/mV, error± 5%. Standard sensitivity is 10mm/mV±0.2mm/mV
Auto Record Record setup according to auto record format and mode, automatically changing leads, measuring and analysing
Rhythm Record Record setup according to rhythm record format and mode, automatically measuring and analysing
Manual Record Record setup according to manual record format, manually changing leads
Measurement parameters HR, P-R interval, P Duration, QRS Duration, T Duration, Q-T interval, Q-Tc P axis, QRS Axis, T Axis R(V5), S(V1), R(V5) + S(V1)
Product Safety Type Class I CF applied part, there is defibrillation and pacing protection circuit in it
Enduring Polarization voltage ±500mV
Power Supply AC AC:100-240V, 50/60Hz DC: 14,8V, 3700mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Noise Level <15µVp-p
Size 334mm(L) x 320mm (W) x 85mm (H)