Sonoscape Ultrasound Machine

Sonoscape Ultrasound Machine

The new Sonoscape is an impressive portable ultrasound machine with a full touch screen interface that is separate from the display. It is incredibly easy to manipulate, very fast and with an excellent quality image. It is a full shared service portable ultra sound machine with 4D imaging and integrated stress echo. The machine is the most versatile and innovative portable ultrasound machine to date.

Sonoscape brings its proprietary technology transducers. It’s the world 1st 15-inch touch screen, high-density sensors, 200-degree transvaginal imaging and scores of other features makes it the preferred ultrasound. Be it, the red dot design winner, S20 which comes with 17 inch LCD monitor and smart touch screen, four transducer sockets to S8 portable with the highest echo features fully loaded cardiovascular sensors to S6. This ultrasound machines offer features which enhance clinician confidence.

Sonoscape ultrasound machine is imposing with excellent picture quality. Its touchscreen user interface is very user, efficient and well designed. It has a broad range of diagnostic application such as 4D, abdominal, anesthesia, breast, cardiac, vascular, thyroid, urology and general imaging. It has a real-time 4D imaging with multi plane TEE and pediatric TEE.

The Sonoscape ultrasound scan brings an advanced single crystal transducer, 4D functions, and an intelligent workflow. Its advanced software and hardware offer clarity like never before. The single crystal transducer significantly improves acoustic energy conversion capacity.

The machine comes with a cutting edge technology and surpasses clinician expectations. Its superior imaging quality and robust workflow are available to deliver outstanding performance. The eventual result is value for performance at the affordable price with a practical design.

How soundscape machine works:

Overall, sonoscape is relatively easy to use and the most accessible in comparison to other ultrasound machines. The panels’ impression, selecting and performing examinations is straightforward.  However, it’s not straightforward until you know how to do it right! Customized settings base on your working style.

Sonoscape ultrasound machine components are based on quality, tested for performance and backed by a standard warranty; power supplies, pc boards, and ultrasound monitors.

Advantages of Sonoscope ultrasound over other ultrasound machines

  • Sonoscape ultrasound machine delivers a smart workflow. Management of patients file is easy as retrieval of patient image and data can be done at any time.
  • The complete DICOM 3.0 system saves, stores, saves, MPPS, prints, work lists and has an advanced file transmission and management.
  • It comes with flexible user-defined function, icons, report, comment measurement, function keys, and layout.
  • It has full data solutions such as 160G hard drive, VGA, DVD RW, LAN ports, S-video and thermal printer support.
  • It also supports USB laser printer.
  • It supports several transducers such as linear, convex, micro-convex, transrectal and transvaginal transducers.

As full-time service providers of ultrasound machines, we provide our clients with access to not only refurbished ultra sound machines but also save you time and finances if your system is down. Our knowledge and services give you a fully-tested equipment, never compromising quality, adhering to quality standards and warranty.