DJ Med Pulse Oximeter


Fingertip Oxygen saturation monitor from DJ Medquip with Perfusion Index indicator and a programmable alarm function

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This is our store’s own branded item, manufactured in China.  It carries our name, which shows the trust the director has in this product.

  • Small and easy to operate with a one button interface.
  • Shows a platysmograph on the dual colour LCD screen with the perfusion in the finger.
  • Shows a PI (Perfusion Index) value, which not much oximeters on the market today does.  This makes it possible to determine how accurate the current Oxygen Saturation reading is.
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Low Sats/Heart rate alarm function is programmable.
  • Anti-scratch display
  • 4-directional reading modes and 6-display modes
  • CE compliant design, water-resistant
  • Perfusion Index Indicator function, which gives an indication of the accuracy of the SPO2
  • Good anti-interference firmware, measurable Sats on a low perfusion of ≤ 0.3% PI (perfusion index)
  • Supports reading in sunlight which is convenient for outdoor Sats monitoring
  • Low power consumption, auto standby/sleep function
  • Operates with two AAA batteries  – NOT INCLUDED.

Possible applications:

  • Hospitals/ Clinics/ Medical Centres
  • Home Health Care/ Nursing Home
  • Anaerobic Exercise/ Aerobic Exercise
  • Climber/ Athletic Sports


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