DJ Med Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator with Rechargeable Battery

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Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator for patients with lung disease in need of home oxygen. This device is mobile.

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Airflow outlet: 3L/min (standard atmospheric pressure +/- 1.5 L/min depending on atmospheric pressure)

▪        Oxygen Concentration:29%+/-2% (standard atmospheric pressure)

▪        Size: 260(L)*110(W)*170(H)mm

▪        Weight: Generating unit+ adapter  2.00KG

▪        Generating unit+ adapter+ lithium battery(15V,4A)+ charger  2.40KG

▪        Power Consumption: average 32W

▪        Rated Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ or DC 12-17V

▪        Noise: < 50dB

▪        Application temperature: 540 Application humidity: below 90%RH

Storage temperature: 040 Storage humidity: below 80%RH

Simplified concise control system with intensive design under the control of only 1 knob.
International standard adapter (100-240v) safely withstands power voltage and frequency variations.
Supplied with a rechargeable battery which can be used at home, in a car and any place without a power supply.
DC brushless motor ensures quiet running and economical power consumption.
Parts included:
1 x Main oxygen concentrator
1 x Power adapter
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Extender tube with vaporizer capsule
1 x Rechargeable Lithium Battery(new generation)
1 x Lithium Battery charger
1 x Nasal Cannula
1 x Power Cord
Caution: This appliance should be kept away from dusts and oil vapor. If the appliance is operated in an area where temperature and humidity values are beyond required degree, or altitude is high, oxygen concentration and airflow might be affected.
This device is not intended to provide continuous oxygen support, but rather for oxygen therapy temporarily when driving in a car, visiting a shopping centre or similar temporary activity away from the patient’s continuous oxygen supply system.


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