Optical Trial frame Metal

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Optical Trial frame, Metal

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1.Black soft ear rests of high skill.

2.Soft nose pad option A, B or C.

3.Available for 4 pieces trial lenses to be inserted at 

each side.

4.USAGES:It is suitable for eyesight examination in spectacles shops, 

department of ophthalmology in hospitals, schools and enterprises.

5.Adjustable range of each eye: 25mm‹«?40mm; PD, Height of eyes 

and ears are adjustable.


Range of PD adjustments‹¬?PD of both eyes‹¬?48‹«?80mm‹¬?Left or 

right PD‹¬?24‹«?40mm‹¬? Minimum Calibration Value‹¬?1mm.

Axial calibration on each disc‹¬?Left disc‹¬?120°‹«?0°‹«?135°‹¬?

Right disc‹¬? 45°‹«?180°‹«?60°‹¬?Axial calibration increases 

counter clockwise along the lens frame axis, and the calibration 

distance is 5.

Inner diameter of lens frame‹¬?Φ32.5mm

The Number of lens which can be inserted into left or right lens 

frame simultaneously‹¬? 4 pieces

Degree of lens rotating around optical axis in the lens frame‹¬?


Non-parallelism degree between lens’ optical axis and lens 

frame’s geometric axis‹¬?≤2.5°

Non-concentricity between lens’ optical center and lens frame 

geometric center‹¬?≤0.5mm

Displacement of lens in relation to position of lens frame 

geometric center‹¬?≤0.3mm

Range of nose pad adjustment: Length‹¬?0‹«?14mm‹¬?Angle‹¬?0°‹«?30°

Range of left or right lens frame leg’s length adjustment: 98mm‹«?


Maximum interval between left and right lens frame legs‹¬?200mm

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