Brand NSKI Professional Apex Locator Endodontic Root Canal Finder Dentaire Equipment

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Budget Endodontic root Apex canal locator.

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Automatically makes calibration adjustments. 
It is not necessary to make any adjustment according to different patients.
Automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. inside the canal, even during treatment.
Two frequency signals, precise measurement results, irrespective of dryness, bleeding or purulence in the root canal.
Precise measurement results, despite with NaClO2, Physiological Saline, H2O2, Water, etc.
Exact visualization of the file tip position on Large color display
High precision, high contrast Large color display 
To make position of root canal file the same as indicator bar, adopts large LCD display with exact visualization.
Set Shining position of root tip arbitrarily, as length sign during operation.

Power voltage:DC7.5V(5*DC 1.5V AA Alkali dry cells)
Power consumption: below 0.135VA
Test Voltage:below AC80mV
Test electric current: below 10uA
Display: reflex colored LCD display, buzzer
Dimensions: W105*D105*H115mm
Weigh: 370g

Packing List:
Main unit 1pc
Probe cord 1pc
File holders 2pc
Contrary electrodes 4pcs
Screwdriver 1pc


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