Alcohol Tester Disposable – single use – Packed in 50’s

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Alcohol Breath Tester

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  • Wait 20 minutes after all absorption of alcohol.
  • Use the test enters 15 °C and 40°C.
  • In under of 15 °C to reheat the test a few second in the hand.


1. Strike to Activate

2. Blow

3. Cease blowing

4. Test ready for interpretation



The tester is constituted of glass tubing containing a reagent.
Tube weight is 5 g.

The reagent has for function to indicate the alcohol concentration in the air exhaled.
The reagent alters from yellow to green in colour proportionate to the density of alcohol.

A volume measurement of exhaled breath is calculated by a red thermochrome indicator.

The indicator becomes red after 2 minutes following the test.
This red colour signals the readiness to interpret the test result.


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