8″ ICU Patient Monitor 6-Parameter NIBP SPO2 ECG TEMP RESP PR

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  • Ergonomic design, portable, convenient for use
  • 8″ TFT display, configurable up to 8 waveforms, enables maximum data visibility for the most critical parameters
  • Unique digital SPO2 technology can work accurate during motion and low perfusion
  • Anti AC &?high-frequency electrosurgical ??defibrillator’s interference
  • Rich screen layout, standard, large font, trend graph, OxyCRG, ECG full lead and others
  • Strong data storage: 720 hours trends, 10000 group NIBP, 1024 alarms events
  • ST analysis, arrhythmia analysis, pacemaker analysis, drug analysis and calculation
  • Audible & visual alarm available, adjustable
  • Patient information management function
  • Powerful software function to support use in NICU, ICU, OR, CCU or normal patient room
  • Optional software upgrading based on USB
  • Wired/wireless networking with central monitoring system, up to 64 beds in one group
  • Built-in 3 trace thermal recorder for printing real-time and historical data
  • Multi-language i.e. English, Spanish, Turkish.

Super long life rechargeable Lithium battery upto 4 hours of working time
Suitable for adult, pediatrics and neonate patients
Standard configuration:            

  • ECG, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, RESP, PR, Rechargeable Lithium battery


  • Dual TEMP
  • Dual IBP
  • ETCO2 (side stream) 
  • Thermal recorder
  • Wall mount
  • Trolley

Specification for Patient Monitor:



Full lead: I, II, III, AVL, AVR, AVF and V
Gain: 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 15mm/mV, 20mm/mV and 25mm/mV
Scanning speed: Changeable with three grades of 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s and 50mm/s
Band width: 0.05Hz-100Hz(3dB)
Heart rate: 
Scope: 15 times/minute to 300 times/minutes
Accuracy:  ±1 time/minute
Variation of heart beat LORENZE drawing: Analysis on heart beat data for the current 5 minutes with histogram during RR period. 
Arrhythmia: Twenty kinds of common abnormal ECG can be analyzed, with ECG data of 1000 times of arrhythmia kept and with 10 seconds kept for each time.   
Accuracy: Error rate < 20%         
Undetected rate < 20% 
ST section 
Scope:     ±0.8mV
Precision :  ? ±0.05mV
Detection scope:   0%-100%
Accuracy         ±1%     90%-100%               
                 ±2%      70%-89% 
Theory Electric oscillator 
Cuff gassing time   less than 15 seconds
First-time gassing pressure: dynamic state 24kPa(180 mmHg)
Manual selection: 9.3kPa?70 mmHg, 13.3kPa?100 mmHg,16.0kPa?120 mmHg?
18.6kPa?140 mmHg, 20.0kPa?150 mmHg, 21.3kPa?160 mmHg??
Automatic detection period: 1 minute to 240 minutes 
Stop size?1 min?1 min -10min, 5min(10 min -30min), 10min(30 m
in -90min) and 30min?90 min -240min?
Detection scope: 
Systolic blood pressure:   4kPa -34kPa(30mmHg -255mmHg)
Diastolic pressure             2kPa -29.3kPa(15mmHg -220mmHg)
Mean pressure               2.7kPa?31.3kPa       ?20mmHg?235mmHg?
Detection accuracy 
Static pressure: ±3mmHg
Pulse rate:  ±2%
Chest impedance method or concentration of carbon dioxide at end of respiration 
Scope of chest impedance method     0 time/minute – 100 minutes/minute 
Precision of chest impedance method  time/minute 
Detection scope of carbon oxygen at end of respiration 3mmHg-75mmHg? 0.4%vol-9.9%vol
Detection scope of respiration rate: 2 times/minute ->60 times/minute?including baby?
Detection precision of respiration rate: ±1 time/minute 
Single/double path 
Type:    Vascular/surface temperature 
Scope:    20??50?
Accuracy:  ±0.2?
Invasive blood pressure (optional)
Single/double path 
Type: direct and continuous detection 
Scope: -6.67kPa(-50mmHg)—46.67kPa(350mmHg)
Precision: below 13.33kPa(100mmHg) ±0.27kPa(2mmHg)  13.33k
Pa(100mmHg) above ±2%
Frequency response?DC-12Hz
Input resistance: not less than 500kΩ
Sensitivity of sensor: 5μV/V/mmHg
Motivation voltage: 5V (DC)
Accuracy of sensor: ±2?Isolation voltage: 4 kV


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